Hi, I’m Jackson.
A UX and product design leader in Boulder.

I help organizations achieve their vision, in alignment with stakeholder and customer needs.

I have decades of experience leading creative projects and teams of designers and developers to build delightfully simple, harmonious, and innovative solutions to complex interaction and communication problems. I employ UX strategy and design thinking principles, user research, and qual/quant data insights to inform product definition and direction while meeting business goals and end-user needs.

Mentoring a startup at Techstars

Smart companies get it. You can no longer compete on features alone. You MUST compete on user experience.

Forever curious, my favorite question is, “Why?”. UX strategy, product design, team mentorship, design thinking, workshop facilitation,user experience design, visual design, branding and marketing are all my jam.

My design process

Based on UK Design Council’s “double diamond”

Sofia Rossato, CEO, SnapEngage

Some kind words from CEO, Sofia Rossato, for my tenure at SnapEngage:

Jackson Carson led a team at SnapEngage as Director of UI/UX.

He is a strategic thinker who seeks to understand the ‘why’ behind any design decision.

Jackson also has impressive range. From market research, to ideation, customer profile development, client interviews and UX/UI development, Jackson understands how product pieces connect and the importance of every milestone along the way.

Finally, one of Jackson’s greatest strengths is his ability to rally people in positive ways. He cares deeply about culture and I consider him to be one of SnapEngage’s culture carriers.

Select companies

I’ve been lucky to do design work for some pretty cool companies over the years. Here are a few you may have heard of…

For the past few years, I have been a Lead Mentor in UX at Techstars in Boulder. One startup founder had this to say:

“Jackson mentored me and my co-founder at Techstars in Boulder. Thanks to his excellent eye for UX design combined with his capacity to switch context quickly, he helped us look at the big picture while taking care of the small details.

Jackson was always ready to help in any capacity our company needed. From executing wireframes in a design workshop, to facilitating design sprints, to having conversations about team dynamics.

Jackson helped me and my team think big and execute with excellence.”

Raul San Narciso
CPO and Cofounder, Getro